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Fight your Traffic Ticket In Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Speeding Ticket Lawyers

If you have been given a speeding ticket in Cleveland you probably want to explore your options as you are entitled to many rights. You have a right to defend yourself in court which may in fact lead to dismissal of your charges, reduction of your fines, no points on your record, and the avoidance of your car insurance rates increasing. Ticket Void connects drivers with speeding ticket attorneys who help defend them in court with the goal of getting their cases dismissed. A speeding ticket can have various negative effects on your driving record and your wallet, therefore it is important to make wise decisions now that will positively impact your future.

If you simply pay your fines you are admitting guilt and will have points assessed on your record. If you accumulate too many points within a given period of time, Cleveland and the state of Ohio will suspend your driver’s license. That is just the beginning. In addition to having points on your driving record your car insurance provider will also get wind of the points on your license and may significantly increase your car insurance premiums. These increases may follow you for a number of years and over time lead to a lot more money being spent than most drivers can imagine. The good news is you can hire a traffic ticket attorney to defend your rights. Ticket Void attorneys are reputable and have proven track records of getting cases like yours dismissed. They are able to challenge the testimony of the police officer who gave you the ticket and are knowledgeable in the technologies law enforcement uses and how to question their accuracy.

Ohio Traffic Ticket Point System

Violation Penalty

In area where speed limit is under 55 mph:

1-5 mph over speed limit no points

6-29 over the speed limit 2 points

30+mph over speed limit 4 points

In areas where speed limit is over 55 mph:

1-10 mph over speed limit no points

11-29 mph over speed limit 2 points

30+ mph over speed limit 4 points

In Ohio, if you accumulate 12 points in a two-year period you may have your license suspended. Get help today, contact Ticket Void.




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DateLawyer MatchCounty of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
05/17/17Traffic Violation AttorneyCuyahogaTicket voidstopped looking both ways to make a right and someone side swiped her car.
04/20/17Speeding Ticket LawyerCuyahogaTicket voidCaught with headlights off, was asked for license, only had temps with completed driving school.
04/20/17Ticket LawyerCuyahogaTicket void45 in 25, was told given a warning
04/12/17Speeding Ticket LawyerCuyahogaTicket void
04/03/17Traffic Violation AttorneyCuyahogaTicket voidEntered where No Trucks sign Posted offense code 413.01

Coaxum- Edward C.- Jr. Attorney
1375 East Ninth Street Suite 1700
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Douthett- Breaden M. Attorney
1375 East Ninth Street Suite 1500
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Fiorella- Andrew G. Attorney
901 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Cooper Spector & WEIL CO LPA
Terminal Tower
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Gutmacher- Norman W. Attorney
200 Public Square
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Gallagher- Michael R. Attorney
1501 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Crosby O'Brien & Associates
55 Public Square
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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