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Ike Lucero
2145 Kipling Street
Lakewood, Colorado 80215

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Featured Colorado Springs Speeding Ticket LawyerIke Lucero

A Colorado Springs speeding ticket lawyer can help take the guess work out of fighting a ticket. Local Colorado Springs lawyers that know the state and federal laws can prove to be a wise investment for years to come. Having points on your license, losing your license or paying higher insurance premiums is something you want to avoid.

DateLawyer MatchCounty of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
04/10/14Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket voidExceeding posted speed limit, 60 mph in a 45 zone
04/08/14Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket voidreceived a speeding ticket
04/02/14Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket void
04/01/14Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket void32 in 20, school zone.
03/31/14Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket void
03/27/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket voidCareless driving ticket where no one was harmed and nothing was damaged. I have never had a ticket o
03/25/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket voidHwy 24 westbound
03/04/14Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket void38 mph in a 20 mph school zone
03/03/14Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket void
02/26/14Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket void failed to notify police of accendent left scean reckless driving
02/18/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket voidDuring thick snow and immediate poor driving conditions, I skinned into the other lane. Another vehi
02/11/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket voidGoing 30 in a school zone
01/29/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket voidSubject operated a motor vehicle 67 in a posted 45 zone
01/15/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket voidSpeeding 17 over in a school zone. I was unaware of the school zone, new to the area, snow on the g
01/09/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket voidOut of state driver pulled over by a motorcycle police officer. Citation issued for 'exceeding post
01/03/14Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket void
12/16/13Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket voidSpeeding in school zone over 10 (actuals peed 33). Just returned from college, lost trying to find
12/13/13Speeding Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket voidMinor traffic incident occurred in Monument CO. Failure for all 4 tires to come to a complete stop
12/04/13Traffic Violation AttorneyEl PasoTicket void13 over
11/25/13Ticket LawyerEl PasoTicket voidI was pulled over for speeding, going 20 over. I had just picked up my friend who had just returned

Haskins- Thomas M.- III Attorney
102 N. Cascade Suite 300
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Robert M Duitch PC
665 Southpointe Court Suite 150
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Enoch & Enoch P C
2 North Cascade Avenue Suite 1080
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Cyboron- John L. Attorney
102 N. Cascade Suite 300
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Carl O Graham P C
128 South Tejon Street Suite 202
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Ezell- E. Steven Attorney
24 S. Weber Street Suite 375
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Mize David C Attorney
104 South Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Holder- Michael D. Attorney
421 South Tejon Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Biggers- Gregory K. Attorney
102 South Tejon Street Suite 900
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Dewayne Gooch- P.c. Attorney At Law
2532 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

Dean- Lawrence K. Attorney
414 East Kiowa Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Isbell David W Attorney
90 South Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Moyers Robert M PC Attorney
624 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Hill and Holden LLP
102 South Tejon Suite 600
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Smith- Milton L. Skip- III Attorney
90 South Cascade Avenue Suite 1500
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

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