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Fight your Traffic Ticket In Memphis, Tennessee

Mark McDaniel
243 Exchange Ave
Memphis, Tennessee 38105

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Featured Memphis Speeding Ticket LawyerMark McDaniel

Memphis Speeding Ticket Lawyers

If you are considering fighting your Memphis speeding ticket you have come to the right place. Speeding tickets can have long terms effects on our driving records and should always be fought to avoid the fines, points, and increases in car insurance rates that go along with them. Ticket Void will connect you with traffic ticket attorneys who will represent you in the court of law and fight for your rights. Our attorneys are reputable and have proven track records defending speeding ticket cases. Their goal is to have your case dismissed completely so that you avoid the speeding ticket fines as well as the points on your license that can cause so many additional problems.

As you may know, points on your license eventually get back to your car insurance provider and cause them to increase your insurance rates. They look at speeders as threats and dangers to the road and use this as an excuse to jack up your rates for years at a time. This is the unfortunate truth however those of us who are caught speeding have options in that we can employ traffic ticket attorneys who can represent us to the fullest extent of the law. You can choose to pay your ticket but that will be an admission of guilt and will not help you avoid points on your record. You can either fight the legal system yourself or with the help of a traffic ticket attorney who will even appear in court on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about the stresses of appearing in front of a judge.

Memphis Traffic Ticket Points System

Below is a description of the penalties for speeding infractions in the state of Tennessee:

Violation Penalty

6-15 mph over the speed limit 3 points

16-25 mph over the speed limit 4 points

26-35 mph over the speed limit 5 points

36-45 mph over the speed limit 6 points

46 mph or more over the speed limit 8 points




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DateLawyer MatchCounty of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
04/04/14Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket void
04/03/14Traffic Violation AttorneyShelbyTicket void
04/02/14Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket void
03/24/14Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket voidspeeding tickert 59 in 40
03/24/14Traffic Violation AttorneyShelbyTicket voidNone
03/06/14Traffic Violation AttorneyShelbyTicket voidI haven't lived in Memphis since 2001. However I got over 8 tickets in my name when I wasn't even in
03/06/14Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket voidGot warrant for missing court on suspended license
02/27/14Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket voidMaintain Safe lookout Reckless Driving
02/27/14Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket voidEXPIRED TAGS
02/26/14Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket voidSpeeding 6 miles over limit
02/25/14Traffic Violation AttorneyShelbyTicket voidCIATION FOR INSURANCE
02/13/14Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket void
01/29/14Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket voidcamera red light
01/22/14Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket void
01/20/14Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket void
01/13/14Traffic Violation AttorneyShelbyTicket void
01/07/14Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket void
01/03/14Traffic Violation AttorneyShelbyTicket voidI got stopped for rolling stop and it truly was not a rolling stop and i dont want it on my record
12/18/13Speeding Ticket LawyerShelbyTicket voidgiven speeding ticket for going a few miles over the limit leaving memphis airport after appearing o

Baldridge Julie R Attorney
6075 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38119

Ratliff- Pamela S. Attorney
80 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Duck- John W. Attorney
150 Court Avenue 2nd Floor
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Morrison- W. Price- Jr. Attorney
6410 Poplar Avenue Suite 1000
Memphis, Tennessee 38119

Harkavy- Neil Attorney
6060 Poplar Avenue Suite 140
Memphis, Tennessee 38119

Thompson- Tanja Lueck Attorney
3725 Champion Hills Drive Suite 3000
Memphis, Tennessee 38125

Siegel Arleen L Attorney
1790 Kirby Parkway
Germantown, Tennessee 38138

Foster- C. Bradford- III Attorney
1000 Ridgeway Loop Road Suite 200
Memphis, Tennessee 38120

Castle Darrell Attorney
3100 Walnut Grove Road Suite 610
Memphis, Tennessee 38111

Langschmidt Carl H Jr Attorney
80 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Lamberson- Christopher C. Attorney
Suite 1700 One Commerce Square
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Armstrong Allen- PLLC
80 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Hagemeyer Norman P Attorney
6801 Summer Avenue Suite 106
Memphis, Tennessee 38134

Fockler John K Attorney
1355 Lynnfield Road Suite 101
Memphis, Tennessee 38119

Parrish- Larry E. Attorney
6075 Poplar Avenue Suite 420
Memphis, Tennessee 38119

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