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Fight your Traffic Ticket In Orlando, Florida

Orlando Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Orlando speeding ticket violations carry significant penalties that can affect your insurance rates and may result in the suspension of your license. Many Florida drivers know this and make the smart decision to employ the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Ticket Void attorneys are recognized for their ability to help drivers get their cases dismissed, points negated, and driving records preserved.

In Orange County, Orlando drivers have 30 days from the date of their speeding ticket to let the Orange County Court know what they plan on doing. Drivers must choose one of three options including paying the ticket and admitting guilt, pleading not guilty and fighting the ticket or if the option is available attending driving school. Paying the ticket negates the option of attending driving school so drivers should be aware of their options before making a decision. If you choose to fight your ticket the choice to hire a traffic ticket attorney will give you the best chance of your case getting dismissed. Ticket Void attorneys in Orlando know what deals can be plead or negotiated within each court throughout Orange County.

Last year law enforcement in Orange County, Florida issued over 236,000 moving violations. At least one-third of those violations were issued for unlawful speed with the second most number of citations being written for running a red light. The bottom line is that Orange County law enforcement is looking for speeders and is imposing harsh penalties upon them for this violation. If you have received a ticket in Orlando or the surrounding area, consider getting the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney to preserve your driving record. The following penalties are imposed for Florida drivers who receive speeding tickets:

Orlando Speeding Ticket Penalties

Violation Penalty

Unlawful speed that results in accident 6 Points

16 mph or more over posted speed 4 Points

15 mph or less over posted speed 3 points

If you accumulate too many points on your driving record you may have your license suspended. This obviously comes with severe fines and penalties that you should choose to avoid. The following explains the laws regarding points on your Florida driver’s license: If you accumulate 12 points within a 12-month period your license will be suspended for 30 days; 18 points in 18-months, 3 month suspension; 24 points in 36-months, one year suspension.




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Fight Traffic Tickets in Orlando, FL

April 11, 2011 Orlando traffic ticket Blog


Orlando speeding tickets can be a very expensive and can put unwanted points on your license.   Traffic  tickets can be challenged by an experienced traffic  ticket attorney.  Many of the traffic law firms deal with moving violations throughout Orange county  FloridaIf a driver receives a speeding ticket the driver has a certain amount of time to deal with the ticket. If the driver has a failure to appear in court then a warrant will be issued for the driver.  Many drivers choose to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to show up and fight their ticket so they can have an experienced defense.  Most of the traffic ticket attorneys in Orlando know what deals can be plead or negotiated within each court throughout orange county.  Traffic infractions can make your insurance rates go through the roof and in some case make your insurance provider to drop a drivers coverage all together.  The cost of hiring a speeding ticket attorney can be very inexpensive compare to most legal fees. has one of the largest traffic ticket law firm networks in the country.  Fill out the form above to receive a free consultation on your traffic issue.

Keep your DMV record clean fight your traffic ticket today through Ticket Void.

Orlando Traffic Ticket

An Orlando traffic violation can result in a fine, points against your license, and a higher insurance rate. A criminal traffic offense can result in imprisonment. If you have been charged with an Orlando traffic infraction or with an Orlando criminal traffic offense, protect your right by speaking to a Ticket Void Attorney.

Orlando drivers that are charged with an Orlando Civil Traffic Offense have thirty days to take one of three options to handle their ticket. Orlando drivers may Pay the Offense, Plead not guilty or if permissible attend Driving School. Drivers must alert an Orange County Court within 30 days to avoid additional fees from being accessed and risking a possible suspension of their driving privilege.

If a ticketed Orlando driver decides to pay the civil penalty the option of attending Driving school is lost. The Orlando traffic ticket shall be entered as a conviction on their driving record and the case shall be satisfied upon payment. The Orlando traffic infractions below are going to result in points against your license. The accumulation of numerous points within a one year period shall result in the suspension of your license.

Orlando Speeding Tickets carry fines in the range from $129.00-$279.00

If your are speeding in an Orlando School or Construction zone the fine is more expensive $154.00-$454.00

An Orlando Running a Red Light Ticket will result in a $229.00 fine

Drivers that pleads not guilty to their Orlando civil traffic infraction must appear in court on the date listed on the Orlando traffic citation or send a Not Guilty Plea to the court requesting a court date. If the scheduled dates does not work you may file and Affidavit of Defense with the court.

The final option to handle an Orlando civil traffic infraction is attendance of Driving School. Florida law allows that drives to select this option once in a 12-month period, and no more than 5 times in 10 years.

Orlando Florida Traffic Tickets can be deemed Criminal Traffic Tickets. If you are charged with an Orlando Criminal Traffic Offense, you must appear on the date provided on your ticket, if no date is provided then you must appear within 10 calendar days of your Orlando citation. The driving offenses listed below are Criminal traffic Offenses.

Driving with Suspended License

Driving with Revoked License

Leaving the Scene of an Orlando Accident

Drivers that are facing an Orlando criminal traffic charge, should take the time to speak with an Orlando Ticket Void attorney that it is an experienced in criminal traffic offense.

Fighting a speeding ticket or other traffic violation is an important step to protecting driving privileges. The traffic ticket lawyer hired should fight to protect their client's rights by providing reliable and efficient legal representation. They should be experienced in dealing with traffic tickets in Orange County and understand the workable defenses that give a better chance at winning. For more information about speeding tickets click this link Florida state traffic laws.

If you are looking for immediate help, please use the form above and a Orlando traffic ticket lawyer will contact you soon.

DateLawyer MatchCounty of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
06/22/17Speeding Ticket LawyerOrangeTicket voidhit a car in the back
06/20/17Ticket LawyerOrangeTicket voidparking ticket
03/29/17Traffic Violation AttorneyOrangeTicket voidred light
03/27/17Ticket LawyerOrangeTicket void
03/24/17Ticket LawyerOrangeTicket voidRight on red ticket.

Crag-Chaderton- Rachael McMorris Attorney
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111 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801

Blair- Brian C. Attorney
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3185 South Conway Road Suite E
Orlando, Florida 32812

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201 East Pine Street 15th Floor
Orlando, Florida 32802

Bennington- Bud Attorney
300 S. Orange Avenue Suite 1000
Orlando, Florida 32801

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