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Fight your Traffic Ticket In San Antonio, Texas

Gordon Slade
310 W. Sunset
San Antonio, Texas 78209

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Featured San Antonio Speeding Ticket LawyerGordon Slade

21970 Bulverde Rd.
San Antonio, Texas 78259

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Featured San Antonio Speeding Ticket LawyerJUSTIN COQUAT

speeding ticket San Antonio Texas

If you have received a Speeding ticket or traffic ticket in San Antonio Texas it makes sense to hire a traffic ticket attorney. A San Antonio traffic lawyer can help fight your ticket so you can keep your driving record clean. A traffic law firm can analyze your traffic citation and give you an understanding of the potential outcome and the cost associated with defending your case. In Bexar county Texas and surrounding counties it is very cost effective to hire legal council to fight your ticket. Traffic ticket attorneys can help in all types of moving violations: Speeding tickets, careless driving, reckless driving, excessive speed and Driving while intoxicated DWI. San Antonio police officers issue multiple traffic violations on a daily basis. Traffic tickets are big business and is a source of revenue for the city. Moving violations can come at an unexpected time and can ruin a very good driving record. Keep the points off your DMV record and stop your increase in auto insurance premiums by hiring a local San Antonio attorney to fight your traffic ticket. Beating a speeding ticket with a lawyer is inexpensive and the ticket attorney can do all the work for you and in most cases you don’t have to appear in traffic court.

Texas Driver Responsibly Program for traffic offenses and moving violations :

Points are assessed against your driver’s license in the following manner:
Once convictions have occurred the points will stay on the license for 3 years.
Points are as follows:

2 points = moving violations or out-of state conviction – except speeding less than 10% faster than posted speed limit other than a school zone
3 points = moving violations in or out-of-state conviction involving a crash
2 points = conviction for an offense relating to child passenger safety seat system

If you accumulate 6 or more points the preceding 36 month period = $100 surcharge paid to the Department of Public Safety and $25 for each additional point.

See law$ext.TacPage?sl=T&app=9&p_dir=N&p_rloc=92809&p_tloc=&p_ploc=1&pg=19&p_tac=&ti=37&pt=1&ch=15&rl=51

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    DateLawyer MatchCounty of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
    10/01/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket voidspeeding ticket - missed court date- warrant
    09/24/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket voidgot a ticket for running a stop sign that was coverd by a tree and the officer didnt get anything on
    09/23/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket voidDriving through targeted highway during Fiesta week sober. Police car riding my tail miles before pu
    09/23/14Speeding Ticket LawyerBexarTicket voidDriving through targeted highway during Fiesta week sober. Police car riding my tail miles before pu
    09/18/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket void
    09/11/14Ticket LawyerBexarTicket voidOver 7 miles and tailgating
    09/08/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket voidSpeeding ticket
    08/30/14Ticket LawyerBexarTicket voidWas stopped by a cop for expired inspection sticker. On day of court date I did not find the courtho
    08/28/14Speeding Ticket LawyerBexarTicket voidPossession of a controlled substance
    08/26/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket voidSped up to pass swerving 18 wheeler, reduced speed when I passed him, cop pulled me over for speedin
    08/19/14Ticket LawyerBexarTicket void
    08/16/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket voidImproper Lane Change
    08/11/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket void
    08/08/14Traffic Violation AttorneyBexarTicket voidUnauthorised use of a vehicle

    Bartlett- Bradley E. Attorney
    10100 Reunion Place Suite 600
    San Antonio, Texas 78216

    Alberts William A
    300 Convent Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    Caldwell Brenner & Reyna Law Offices Of
    6326 Sovereign Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78229

    Chouhan Priva D Attorney
    106 South Saint Marys Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    Barbara Lamar
    127 Lewis Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78212

    Cardona- Sylvia A. Attorney
    745 East Mulberry
    San Antonio, Texas 78212

    Cooper- Mark Anthony Attorney
    745 East Mulberry
    San Antonio, Texas 78212

    Brame Barbara W Attorney
    417 San Pedro Avenue
    San Antonio, Texas 78212

    Blair John Alan III Attorney
    420 Baltimore Avenue
    San Antonio, Texas 78215

    Alvarado Leo Jr Attorney
    115 Camaron Street Suite 100
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    Alvarado Catarina Attorney at Law
    112 Villita Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    Alvarez Patricia Attorney
    111 Soledad Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    Allen- Robert A. Attorney
    6243 IH-10 West 7th Floor
    San Antonio, Texas 78201

    Buonocore Ann E Attorney
    1334 Blue Crest Lane
    San Antonio, Texas 78232

    Brock- Roy C. Attorney
    1506 Bexar Crossing
    San Antonio, Texas 78232

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