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Mohave Arizona Traffic Ticket Attorney

Corso & Rhude
14500 N. Northsight Blvd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

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I am a former D.A. / County Attorney with over 5 years of prosecution experience. Our firm specializes in Criminal Speeding, DUI/DWI, Civil Traffic Violations, Trucking Tickets and other Criminal Violations. Corso & Rhude travels state wide.

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
12/22/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidGot a speeding ticket greater than reasonable and prudent
12/11/14Speeding Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket void
12/01/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidSpeeding
11/30/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidleaving the scene
11/10/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidtraffic ticket
11/10/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidExceed Max Interstate Speed outside Urban area. Complaint 909279314305001
10/22/14Speeding Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidSpeeding
10/17/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidDriving with expired registration, no insurance and made an iegal turn
10/02/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidRecieved a ticket in 2008 for insurace and registation I live in oklahoma and back in 2008 I had fax
09/22/14Speeding Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket void
09/10/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidSchool zone speeding
08/30/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidexcessive speed
08/21/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidCivil
08/21/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidspeeding ticket 100 mph in a 65 mph
08/11/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidSpeeding
07/15/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket void
07/09/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket void
07/06/14Speeding Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidDriving through virgin river gorge, I was approaching construction, and the speed limit signs were s
07/01/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidSpeeding and failure to show proof of insurance which I had at the time and can show proof that I ha
06/29/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidProof of insurance / failure to appear ticket from September 1990
06/25/14Speeding Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidI have been accused of getting a speeding ticket in 1998, not only do I not remember this happening,
06/18/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket void85 in a 65. also cited for no insurance, but do have current
06/11/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voiddriving without license
05/23/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidDriving on a suspended but I have never been able to get my license
05/19/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidPassing on right
05/14/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidspeeding
04/09/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket void
04/07/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket voidSpeeding 85 in a 65 had my cruise control set at 75. Had a car in front of me and two right behind m
03/18/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket voidI received a ticket for speeding but I KNOW I was not going fast at all. I was going the speed limit
03/07/14Speeding Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket void
03/05/14Ticket LawyerMohave, ArizonaTicket void28-701.02 a3 speed exeed 85mph - criminal traffic speed aprox - 110 in a posted 65 speed measu
02/20/14Traffic Violation AttorneyMohave, ArizonaTicket void

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