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Santa Barbara California Traffic Ticket Attorney

Sherman Ellison Manual Ticket
15303 Ventura Boulevard, 9th Floor
Los Angeles, California 91403

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Sherman M. Ellison has been practicing law since 1970. Mr. Ellison is a trial attorney who exclusively practices Traffic Ticket and criminal defense. Mr. Ellison has been admitted to and practiced in all United States District Courts within California, Hawaii and Oregon; the United States Supreme Court; the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Eighth Circuit; and all of the courts in the state of California Court system. Sherman M. Ellison is extremely effective, detailed, conscientious and thorough. Mr. Ellison considers himself to be the "Best Traffic Ticket Attorney In The State of California" . Sherman M. Ellison's professional affiliations include the National Motorist's Association; National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; California Public Defenders Association; Criminal Courts Bar Association; Los Angeles County Bar Association -- Criminal Law Section; and, the California State Bar -- Criminal Law Section. To contact our firm : Fill out the form or call 818-994-8888

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
10/02/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidgot a ticket for doing 70+ miles per our when he was suppose to be doing 55 miles per hour
09/29/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidMade a right turn no stop sign. Started quickly to change into circle lane. I heard a loud noise but
09/28/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidSTOP SIGN
09/28/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
09/25/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
09/16/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidCited for 80+ on highway 101 during a sunny, clear morning with dry road conditions.
09/13/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidTalking on phone while driving
09/08/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void22348 Failure to drive in right hand lane. I was towing a Uhaul trailer going 68 mph.
09/03/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidSpeeding above 10mph over limit (80 in a 70mph)
08/30/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI am following the traffic on a SR-154 eastbound (San Marcos pass) near the cachuma lake in my miniv
08/13/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI was clocked at 85mph in a 65mph zone on the US 101 NB outside of Buellton. The citation is unclea
07/27/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidSpeeding - I filed too late to contest the ticket.
07/26/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding 82 on 65 mph zone
07/25/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
06/26/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidGoing about 70 in 65 zone. I think the officer might have clocked another car speeding.
06/25/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void Got stop by speeding, not license, car smelling like marihuana, half an once of marihuana on the
06/18/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidCrossed over double yellow line while entering North bound 101 from Calle Real West bound off of Las
06/15/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voiddriving 95 mph (according to the ticket) over 65 mph
06/02/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
05/18/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidTickteted for driving 75 on a freeway.
05/04/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidDid not have insurance card in vehicle. Got a fix it ticket. Failed to go to court.
04/30/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding ticket
04/21/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidMy son was pulled over on our vacation with his cell phone in his hand in downtown Santa Barbara at
04/09/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
04/05/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidTrying to bypass the car in front of me while the speeding radar caught me for that particular momen
04/05/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidOfficer insisted that I didn't yield to turn right at a red light and that I caused the person with
04/03/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidU-turn from right curb
03/29/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidNot wearing my helmet while riding a motorized bycicle
03/26/15Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI was driving on the north bound of 101 freeway, The car in front of me was doing frequent speed cha
03/26/15Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding ticket 94 in a 55 mph
02/20/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
02/18/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI was in the slow lane driving with the flow of traffic, with more than a 3 car distance between my
02/04/15Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void82 in a 75

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