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Santa Barbara California Traffic Ticket Attorney

Sherman Ellison Manual Ticket
15303 Ventura Boulevard, 9th Floor
Los Angeles, California 91403

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Sherman M. Ellison has been practicing law since 1970. Mr. Ellison is a trial attorney who exclusively practices Traffic Ticket and criminal defense. Mr. Ellison has been admitted to and practiced in all United States District Courts within California, Hawaii and Oregon; the United States Supreme Court; the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Eighth Circuit; and all of the courts in the state of California Court system. Sherman M. Ellison is extremely effective, detailed, conscientious and thorough. Mr. Ellison considers himself to be the "Best Traffic Ticket Attorney In The State of California" . Sherman M. Ellison's professional affiliations include the National Motorist's Association; National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; California Public Defenders Association; Criminal Courts Bar Association; Los Angeles County Bar Association -- Criminal Law Section; and, the California State Bar -- Criminal Law Section. To contact our firm : Fill out the form or call 818-994-8888

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
12/16/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidpoints result in suspension
12/13/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void70 in a 60
12/02/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
11/01/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidHaving no head lights on before dusk
10/23/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidWas driving on dark back road and there was a stop sign that really came out of nowhere. There are n
10/19/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidGoing downhill on a posted 65 mph road. Highway patrol hidden at bottom in brush. Officer wrote me
10/06/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
09/26/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidRadar reported 67 in a 55 mph zone on an open country road by lake Cachuma, The officer put the wro
09/24/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidWas driving 75 miles per hour on July 5 to get back to where I stay in Sunland baby wasn't feeling w
09/23/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI was traveling in CA at Aug. 26 from China. I got a speeding ticket on 101 Highway in Solvang when
09/13/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidOfficer stated I was going 87 in a 65. Ticket marked for 75. I'm from out of town and have a clea
09/07/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidWent into freeway and drove a mile. Speeded the whole mile and got pulled over. My odometer read 90
08/28/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding 91/65, officer refused to let me see radar evidence
08/19/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidFailure to stop at Stop Sign
08/12/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidAt parade and was given two tickets for overtime parking on side street parking. Street sign was ob
08/09/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voiduse phone at drive
07/26/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
07/19/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
07/13/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
06/25/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
06/13/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI was commuting to work in the morning on a mountain road on a Monday at 8:15AM. I was pulled over a
06/06/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidTraveling 79mph in a 65mph zone while overtaking a vehicle
05/27/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidDriving at 97MPH in a 65MPH zone
05/22/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
04/25/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidDriving 80 down the 101 in a 65 zone
04/14/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidCited for rolling through a stop sign at a t-intersection
04/08/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
03/31/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding 75 in a 65
03/28/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
03/25/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidDriving home after long shift at work (well known local place that hosts a lot of CHP events), 8:00/
03/13/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding
03/06/14Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidless than ounce of marijuana
03/03/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidReceived a ticket going "80" in a "65mph" zone although I was only going 72mph. Fought the ticket vi
02/20/14Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidSpeeding ticket on Federal property/land hear Ojai, pulled over with 2 other friends, 80/55 limit, w
01/20/14Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding

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