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Santa Barbara California Traffic Ticket Attorney

Fix-A-Ticket, Inc.,
27939 Beale Court Suite B
Valencia, California 91355

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Jason Miller is a 2001 graduate from UCLA where he did his undergraduate studies, majoring in Political Science and History. Jason Miller graduated from Southwestern Law School in the fall of 2005 in the top 20% of his class and passed the California Bar exam in June of 2006. There after he began working at a small civil litigation firm were he gained experience in all aspects of litigation to include conducting and defending depositions, participating in meditations and settlement conferences, preparing expert witnesses, discovery and much more. Jason Miller began Fix-A-Ticket Inc., to help California drivers better understand and defend themselves against traffic infractions. Jason Miller married in May of 2006, he and his wife have a 3 year old daughter. Together, they enjoy the outdoors, especially long walks and hikes with their two dogs.

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
11/12/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidexpired vehicle registration
11/11/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
11/08/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidgoing 60mph in a 55 mph
10/25/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void90 on 65mph zone.
10/15/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
10/06/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidCitation:115123754 I travel from Shanghai, China, from driving. This is my first time in charge of
09/30/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidSpeeding 16 miles over speed limit. 81 on 65
09/17/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI got speeding ticket for $366. I was driving with traffic and I couldn't drive so fast. I am not
09/17/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidSpeeding ticket for $366. I was driving on freeway with a traffic. Also, I am not USA residant and
09/15/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
08/18/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidAllegedly speeding 75mph in 65mph zone 22349a
08/16/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void80 in a 65 mph zone
08/16/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voiddrive 80mph in 65mph zoon
08/16/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidOn 9/5/2015 I was pulled over for looking at my cellphone for directions to the local Santa Maria un
08/11/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidCaught going 65mph in a 55.
08/03/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidGoing 105 in a 65 (Caller is in Hong Kong right now. Received ticket on 4/2/16. He can only be reac
07/31/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidExceeding the posted speed limit, the date to appear is the same date that the alleged infraction to
06/01/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidSpeeding 82mph
05/24/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voiddriving to Los Angeles. Going with flow of traffic. Car in front of me. Officer pulled along side of
05/06/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI was driving South bound on the freeway. Traffic was pretty average above 60 mph I drove next to a
04/18/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidPulled over and cited for speeding on the 101 north of State Street on the morning of 4/9/16
04/14/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidaccumulated 4 points on my license, and is getting suspended. I also just got another ticket.
04/07/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidTest lead from Legal Brand Marketing/Ticket Void
03/17/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidCitations on my driving record that i never got Case number 1476778
03/17/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidi didnt pay my speeding ticket and now my license is suspended
03/14/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidWas speeding
03/02/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidI was caught in a speed trap driving to a work-related 3-day workshop in another county. It was my
02/25/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidspeeding ticket
02/24/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
02/07/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidAbout stop sign and permit driving license
02/03/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket void
02/02/16Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidThe ticket is for pedestrian in the crosswalk. Two men were approaching crosswalk. They were not IN
01/22/16Speeding Ticket LawyerSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidCode violation: 22349A. Asked to see the read out but was advised the officer cleared it. Filed a ch
01/13/16Traffic Violation AttorneySanta Barbara, CaliforniaTicket voidi was heading down to San diego from SLO, i believed to have been going at the same speed along the

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