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Dooly Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney

Rigdon & VanOrman, LLC
424 North Tift Avenue
Tifton, Georgia 31794

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After years of prosecuting cases on behalf of the government, I have decided to take my extensive courtroom experience to the community. Allow a former assistant district attorney for the Tifton judicial circuit work for you.

Dooly County Speeding Ticket Law

Dooly County Georgia is located approximately one and a half hours north of the Georgia/Florida border. Most of the area is presently under construction and the speeds in the area vary. Unlike most other counties in the area where the speed limit is 70mph, the speed in this area can drop drastically. It does not matter if you are traveling in the day time or at night. The chances of receiving a speeding ticket while in a Dooly County Georgia construction zone increase drastically. This is especially true at night. Local Dooly County traffic enforcement police use dark colored police cars and SUV's that are often very hard to spot until you are right on top of them. If you receive a speeding ticket in Dooly County, Georgia, you could face a stiff fine in the local courts, but you may also face an additional $200.00 fine under Georgia's new Super Speeder Law. An experienced Dooly County speeding ticket lawyer can assist you in either getting your case dismissed or reduced. in most cases, you will not have to return to Dooly County, Georgia in order to fight your case. When you receive a Dooly County Georgia speeding ticket, call our knowledgable Dooly County speeding ticket lawyer 24/7.

Dooly County DUI Laws

A DUI in Dooly County, Georgia can have a devastating impact on your driver's license and your wallet. Not only do you face jail time and possibly loss of your driving privileges, a Dooly County DUI can also carry extremely high fines and court fees. A Dooly County DUI lawyer can fight for you and, in many cases, can get the case dismissed or have the charges reduced. Dooly County Georgia DUI law is very specialized. In fact, if you do not request a hearing within just 10 days of your arrest, you could lose your privilege to drive while your case is pending even if it is only your first DUI. If a Dooly County Georgia DUI enforcement officer has charged you with DUI, contact our highly qualified Dooly County Georgia DUI lawyer to assist you today.

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
06/14/17Speeding Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding
06/13/17Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding ticket stating 91 MPH on a 70 MPH zone highway
06/12/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidWas clocked doing 84 in a 70 zone. They live in Florida and can't come for the court date. Wants to
05/17/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket void93 in a 70
05/15/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidTicket issued on April 10th in Vienna, GA claims potential client was travelling 91 mph in a 70 mph
05/08/17Speeding Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidLeaving Georgia from Fl clocked at 92
05/04/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidI was driving along I-75 back home to Florida when an officer pulled me over, stating that I was goi
04/17/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket void91 in 70 Ticket cost is now $603 with superspeeder fine
04/12/17Speeding Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidi was traveling along i-75 with the flow of traffic, i was not monitoring speed when i was pulled ov
03/27/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidHad cruise control on but officer said I was going 86.
03/01/17Speeding Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidI am a resident of TN and was traveling south to FL when I was clocked going 95 in a 70mph speed zon
02/13/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket void
01/16/17Traffic Violation AttorneyDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding in Construction Site 93 in 60
01/10/17Speeding Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding, going 93 in 60 zone, construction site
01/04/17Speeding Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidWas not speeding. Had radar detector
01/03/17Ticket LawyerDooly, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 90 MPH in 70 MPH Zone

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