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McIntosh Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney

J. Keith Pollette, P.C.
P.O. Box 557
Soperton, Georgia 30457

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Speeding ticket defense: representation with a goal to reduce points posted on your driving record and to avoid having the disposition of your case classify you as a "super speeder." We also represent clients in DUI cases, Suspended license cases, and all other general traffic matters.

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
10/07/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 91 in a 70
10/07/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
09/24/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void89/70 speeding.
09/23/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidWas driving a car up from Florida for my mother. Got pulled over and ticketed for going 104 in a 70
09/22/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidStopped for speeding on 95
09/22/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
09/13/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
09/11/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSPEEDING IN EXCESS OF MAXIMUM LIMITS
09/09/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
09/02/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void87 on a 70 miles per hour zone
08/31/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidClocked in at 96mph in a 70 zone
08/18/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 100/70 on I95 South
08/06/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding in excess of maximum limits
08/06/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidtraffic ticket
07/27/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidImproper Passing of Emergency/Towing/Hwy 40-6-16
06/11/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidDriver in from of me with same color were speeding, once he passed the officer and noticed her car s
06/04/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding ticket 88 in 70 mph
05/31/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding on I-95. I was driving from North Carolina to Miami and was stopped by an undercover police
05/31/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidWas charged with speeding 86 in a 70 but we know we were speeding but was only going 76 not 86. What
05/26/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidDriving down I95 in georgia, following the speed of the cars around me, The sheriff decided to pull
05/25/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 95 in a 70 zone
05/20/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding 87 in 70
05/11/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void85 in a 70
05/11/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding ticket 89 in a 70 - super speeder
05/06/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void86 in a 70
05/04/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidWas driving along 95 with a group of cars and I was the unlucky out of state car
05/04/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
04/23/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding ticket for 15 mph over on 1-95 - multiple cars pulled over at same time. Separate officer u
04/14/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
04/02/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 84 in a 70 zone
03/30/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 85 in a 70 going with other people I was just the unlucky one
03/17/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidTraveling same speed as traffic. I believe I was stopped because I am from PA and obviously cannot
03/10/15Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidI live in Lebanon Pa
03/09/15Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding of 85mph on a 70 highway
03/09/15Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 24 to 33 over speed limit

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