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McIntosh Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney

J. Keith Pollette, P.C.
P.O. Box 557
Soperton, Georgia 30457

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Speeding ticket defense: representation with a goal to reduce points posted on your driving record and to avoid having the disposition of your case classify you as a "super speeder." We also represent clients in DUI cases, Suspended license cases, and all other general traffic matters.

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
10/24/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpending 92 in 70
10/15/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidDriving 99mph in a 70mph Zone considering me as a super speeder
10/14/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidToo fast for conditions and speeding 86 in a 70
10/10/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding at 82 in 60 mph construction zone. Zone was only about a mile long and didnt have time to
09/29/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidreceived a speeding ticket going 91 in a 70. It was raining, dark and I had cars in front and on th
09/26/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidI was driving at highway and police officer pull me out and said I was driving above the limit at oo
09/26/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidPassing by a police car when the only one left line is taken by another passing vehicle/truck( green
09/13/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding ticket on I-95. Ticket reads laser was used, 90mph in a 70 zone.
09/12/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidWas going 88 in a 70 zone. Her court date is on Weds 9/14 and needs to speak to someone before then
09/12/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void88 in 70 mph zone
09/11/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidI was pulled over on I-95 by mile marker 45. The officer states he had been following me for 6 miles
09/08/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidDriving on I95, from Miami to NY, the police from Darien Police, stopped me and gave me a speeding
08/28/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding at 86 mph in a 70mph zone. Around 4AM on I-95 NB. Light traffic, dry and clear weather cond
08/24/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidI was driving down the highway, towards an exit to the gas station when an officer turned her lights
08/18/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 99 mph in a 70 zone
08/08/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidPulled over for driving while northern
08/04/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidI was accused of going 91 in 75 on i95
08/02/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidI was given a ticket for going 85 in a 70. I am under the assumption that is considered a "super sp
07/26/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidgoing 102 in a 70
07/21/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
07/20/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
07/19/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidI was driving my girlfriends vehicle from s.c to Florida. This is a road I have never traveled, as w
07/12/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void85 in 70 mph zone
07/12/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void85 in a 70
07/11/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding and following too closely
07/06/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void84 in a 60 construction site.
07/05/16Speeding Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
06/29/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket void
06/28/16Traffic Violation AttorneyMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidtrying to pass 2 cars in the right lane, sped up to do so. previously was in cruise control.
06/22/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidDoing 100 on a 75
06/22/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding
06/09/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 88 in 70
06/07/16Ticket LawyerMcIntosh, GeorgiaTicket voidThis is for my son who is 21. He was driving from NY to Fla and he was caught on radar doing 97 in

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