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Turner Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney

J. Keith Pollette, P.C.
P.O. Box 557
Soperton, Georgia 30457

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After years of prosecuting cases on behalf of the government, I have decided to take my extensive courtroom experience to the community. Allow a former assistant district attorney for the Tifton judicial circuit work for you.

The Paisley Law Group, Inc.
1718 Peachtree St NW / Suite 1080
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

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Featured Traffic Ticket Lawyer  

After years of prosecuting cases on behalf of the government, I have decided to take my extensive courtroom experience to the community. Allow a former assistant district attorney for the Tifton judicial circuit work for you.

Rigdon & VanOrman, LLC
424 North Tift Avenue
Tifton, Georgia 31794

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Featured Traffic Ticket Lawyer  

After years of prosecuting cases on behalf of the government, I have decided to take my extensive courtroom experience to the community. Allow a former assistant district attorney for the Tifton judicial circuit work for you.

Turner County Speeding Tickets

Turner County, Georgia is located along Interestate 75 approximately 2 hours north of the Florida state line. With motorists traveling too and from Florida, local Turner County law enforcement has seized the opportunity to write thousands of speeding tickets each year to Georgia drivers and motorist who are licensed in other states. Turner County traffic enforcement police are very active in this area and frequently set up along medians and on overpasses to catch speeding motorists. Turner County traffic enforcment officers use the most up-to-date radar technology to catch speeding motorists and tickets written in Turner County can be very hard to fight in court. It is not uncommon to see Turner County traffic enforcement officers stopping vehicles going North and South along the interstate. If you receive a speeding ticket in Turner County, contact Ticket Void immediately so that you can speak to an experienced Georgia speeding ticket attorney 24/7.

It is important to understand that a Turner County speeding ticket can have a huge negative impact on you financially. Not only are the fines high in Turner County, but if you are traveling greater than 15 miles over the speed limit, you will receive a separate fine of $200 in the mail from the state of Georgai approximately 30 days after you pay your ticket under the Georgia super speeder law. You need a Georgia speeding ticket lawyer who is familiar with Turner County traffic enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. A qualified Georgia traffic ticket lawyer awaits your call to discuss your options for having your ticket dismissed or having it reduced so that no points are assessed against your license and prevent you from having to pay the additional fine under Georgia's super speeder law.

So why should you be concerned about points against your license when you receive a Turner County speeding ticket. First, it is important to understand the points system in Georgia. If you are a Georgia driver and receive a speeding ticket, you may receive the following points against your license based on the speed that you are charged with traveling:

15-18 MPH over the speed limit:two points
19-23 MPH over the speed limit:three points
24-33 MPH over the speed limit:four points
34 MPH or more over the speed limit:five points

Turner County Suspended License Laws

If you receive 15 or more points within a 24 month period your license will be suspended. Also, these points can lead to increased car insurance premiums. If you license has been suspended, call a Georgia license suspension attorney immediately. Note that if you are licensed out of state the negative effects on your driving privileges may be even worse. For example, a person licensed to drive in North Carolina who receives a Georgia speeding ticket for 15 miles over the speeding ticket may face suspension of their license after JUST ONE TICKET! Ticket Void can help. If you received a speeding ticket in Turner County, a Georgia speeding ticket lawyer is standing by 24/7 to help you with your situation. Calls to our Georgia speeding ticket attorney are toll free and your initial consultation costs you nothing.

DUI in Turner County

Turner County law enforcement also enforces Turner County DUI laws to the strictest level provided by law. If you receive a Turner County DUI, you must contact an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer immediately. You only have 10 days from your arrest to request a hearing to keep your license while your case is pending. The request must have certain language in it, otherwise it is invalid. The fines for DUI are awful, including up to $1,000 in fines, jail time, suspension of your license and a requirement that you undergo alcohol treatment. A Turner County DUI can result in a lifelong stigma of being a drunk driver. You need a qualified Turner County DUI lawyer to assist you. Time is of the essense! Our Georgai DUI attorney can be reached 24/7 on nights, weekends and even holidays.

If you receive a ticket while traveling through Turner County, Georgia you need a Turner County speeding ticket attorney who will defend your rights and ensure that you receive the best outcome possible. For motorists licensed in other states, it is important that you seek the advice of a Turner County speeding ticket attorney who has expeirence with local judges, prosecutors and law enforcement. Tickets issued by Turner County traffic enforcement officers are handled by the State Court of Turner County located at 219 East College Avenue, Ashburn, Georgia 31714.

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
06/21/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 88mph in a 75mph zone
06/16/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voiddoing 94 mph in 70 mph zone
06/05/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding. 90 in a 70 zone.
05/30/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidspeeding 94 in a 70mph (i75s)
05/30/17Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding at 93 mi on a 70 mi road
05/25/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding violation
05/08/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidI was driving home (Union, MO) from FL; when A truck in front of us had a tired blown up or broke do
05/02/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidWas pulled over for doing 97 in a 70, but don't understand how his laser detected that when there wa
05/01/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 55/84 on 17 Mar 2017. Fine is $890 and it seems ridiculous for a speeding ticket. Looking
04/16/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidWas rounding a curve on I-75 on the inside lane. I had accelerated to get around big rigs on the mid
04/15/17Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket void
04/12/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding
04/10/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding ticket received in Turner County, GA. I reside in Florida
03/30/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket void93 in 70. Was on Cruise Control set to 80. Going Downhill when cop pulled me over.
03/23/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket void
03/16/17Speeding Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding 87 in 70 zone (I75)
03/15/17Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding
03/14/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket void97 in 70
02/22/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidSpeeding at 97 in a 70 zone. I was in the far lane trying to get over due to the car behind followin
02/21/17Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidwas going 92 in a 70 zone
02/08/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidI was pulled over on 1/15 traveling in I75 north. Citation was for 89mph in a 70. I was traveling
01/18/17Ticket LawyerTurner, GeorgiaTicket void
01/05/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket void95 in 70 zone
01/03/17Traffic Violation AttorneyTurner, GeorgiaTicket voidA cop stopped me in i75 for driving 97 mph.

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