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Nassau New York Traffic Ticket Attorney

Palumbo & Associates, PC
1600 Harrison Av., Suite 306
Mamaroneck, New York 10543

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Managing partner Michael J. Palumbo is a former police officer who is familiar with equipment and techniques utilized by law enforcement in the detection and apprehension of traffic violators. Put his inside edge on your side.

DateLawyer MatchState & County of OffenseCase TrackDescription of Incident
10/08/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
10/07/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
09/22/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket voidInadequate or no stop lamps
09/21/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket voidMy teenager son got 3 tickets. one for speeding, one for changing lane unsafely, one for no signal.
09/18/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidRunning red light
09/17/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket voidI was pulled over for the reason of speeding 49 mph in a 35 mph zone. Later when I checked the ticke
09/11/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voiduninspected motor vehicle operating without insurance
09/10/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket voidFailed to move over or slow down when passing a marked police vehicle conducting a vehicle stop with
09/08/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidreceived a ticket for parking in street from 3 am to 5 am
08/24/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidRadar says I was driving 52MPH in a 30MPH zone.
08/09/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voiddriving somebody else's car that has tinted window
08/05/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
08/05/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket voidSPEEDING AND DISOBAY SIGN IN NYC
08/04/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
07/27/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket voidUsing phone
07/21/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
07/14/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidschool zone camera
07/13/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket void
07/09/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket void
07/08/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void59MPH IN A 30MPH ZONE EB ON HWY 495 SERVICE ROAD
06/26/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
06/24/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void79 mph in a 55mph zone
06/16/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidno registraction
06/10/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
05/21/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidfailed to obay the traffic control device
05/20/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket voidinsurance lasps
05/19/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
05/18/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket void
05/18/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidSpeeding on southern state parkway
05/14/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidI was told I have a ticket for driving without a license in 1995
05/12/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket void
05/11/15Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidrevocation
04/20/15Speeding Ticket LawyerNassau, New YorkTicket voidSpeeding over 55 zone. Said to have been going 75mph
04/15/15Traffic Violation AttorneyNassau, New YorkTicket void

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